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Oh No, It’s the Pinky Ponk Cake!

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012
3D Pinky Ponk cake

My 3D Pinky Ponk cake. The balloon and basket are made from cake, all the details apart from the foam balls are hand crafted from sugar

Now that I am a mum, I’ve suddenly found that I am making a lot more children’s cakes than I used to. This is partly because a lot of my friends have also just had children, and mostly because I’ve met so many other mothers recently through mother’s groups, playgroups, swimming classes, etc. And at each party where I’ve made the child’s birthday cake, there is almost always another mother there who likes the cake and wants one for their child’s next birthday party.

But there is nothing quite like making that first birthday cake for your own child. My little girl recently had her very first birthday party and of course I made the cake. I have to confess that part of me thought, oh man, do I have to, I’m so busy and so tired already and it’s not like she’s going to know or even care about the cake at this age! But sooooo many people have said to me that my daughter will have the best birthday cakes with me being her mum that I felt I HAD to do it. And once I got started I ended up loving it and am so glad I made the effort.

I decided to do a cake based on my daughter’s favourite TV show, In the Night Garden. I’d seen loads of cakes with Iggle Piggle, Upsy Daisy and Makka Pakka. I’ve even made a first birthday cake before with a hand crafted sugar Makka Pakka on it. But I wanted to do something different and a little bit more challenging for my little girl. And as with most of my great ideas, I hit on the idea for this cake while mulling it over in the shower!

I decided to do a 3D Pinky Ponk cake. I had a long think about how to actually do it, and once I thought of a way to construct the cake, I was raring to go and very excited. I studied pictures and watched videos of the Pinky Ponk to get all the details right – I never thought I’d know the Pinky Ponk so intimately! Turns out it’s quite a detailed blimp. Rivets down the ends, little purple propellers scattered around the sides, rows of orange wings, round balls with lights round the middle, pink balls of different sizes on both ends of the balloon, a big pink propeller at the back – it was a lot to do!

The little propellers and orange wings were made from fondant mixed with tylose powder (in other words, gumpaste) so they would set nice and hard and be strong. I also made the large pink propeller from this homemade gumpaste. I decided to use foam balls covered in fondant for the round balls on the top and for the nose as I was concerned about the weight if they were made entirely of fondant.

Gumpaste wings drying

Gumpaste wings drying. I added the line detailing while they were still wet.


Gumpaste propellers drying

Gumpaste propellers drying


Large gumpaste propeller

Large gumpaste propeller. The hole the dry spaghetti went through to secure it to the cake was made with a skewer while still wet.

I attached the wings using royal icing. All other details were attached using dry spaghetti. The rivets were just small circles of fondant stuck to the balloon with water. The cake board was covered with fondant to look like a blue sky with white clouds (it is a flying machine after all). I cut out a door and window from fondant and stuck them onto the basket also with water. The final touch was to create a banner out of fondant and cut out some lettering for it from gumpaste. This was then attached to the basket with water.

And voila, a 3D Pinky Ponk cake is born!

Back view of my 3D Pinky Ponk cake

Back view of my 3D Pinky Ponk cake

This was definitely a challenging cake to make, but I really enjoyed it. There was a lot of time spent working out how to do certain parts of it, and sometimes the method I came up with didn’t work out and I had to think of another way to do it then start that bit over again. But now that I know what works and exactly how to make this cake I should be able to shave some time off. But it will still be a lot of work!

And I have to admit that my daughter didn’t seem to really notice or care what the cake looked like lol. However some of the slightly older children who were 2 years plus knew exactly what it was and there were many cries of, “Mum, I want a Pinky Ponk cake for MY birthday!” :).