Welcome to the Delicious Cake Design blog

Here I am working on one of my earliest creations

Working on one of my earliest wedding cakes

My name is Charmayne Wright and I am a cake creator and the owner/operator of Delicious Cake Design based in Sydney, Australia.

This blog is about my adventures in cake making – new cakes I’ve made, troubles and discoveries I’ve had in making them, and tips and advice on cake making and decorating. It’s also a place where readers can leave comments with feedback and/or tips and tricks of their own.

So here’s a bit more about me. I was raised in Papua New Guinea, moved to Australia in my teens, then in 2004 I moved to ¬†London where I lived for 6 years before returning to Australia.

I have always had a love for cooking and in particular baking. Friends and family used to tell me I should sell my cakes, but I never thought seriously about it till I got engaged and started looking for a wedding cake. I realised then that there was a lot more one could do to decorate a cake! I was amazed at the wonderful, beautiful, creative cakes I saw, and wondered how I could do the same thing with my cakes. Conversely, I also saw some cakes that were truly terrible and thought, I can do a better job than that!

So began my love affair (and obsession!) with cake decorating, culminating in the creation of Delicious Cake Design. At Delicious Cake Design, I aim to create hand-crafted, customised, beautiful cakes that taste delicious, whether it be wedding cakes, birthday cakes, anniversary cakes, or celebration cakes for any occasion.