Making a BIG MOVE to Australia!

So people who follow me on Twitter, or are fans of (or ‘Like’) my Facebook page, or read the News section of the Delicious Cake Design website, are now aware of the fact that me, my husband, and Delicious Cake Design are all moving to Sydney Australia in late July.

It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for the past 3 years, as I was born there and most of my family still lives in Sydney. Plus I was raised in a hot climate, where if the temperature fell to 16 degrees celsius we declared it a freezing cold day and whipped out our winter coats and scarves, and marvelled at how our breath would frost ever so briefly in the air in the early mornings. Here in London, if it hits 16 degrees, everyone starts wearing shorts and t-shirts and commenting on how warm it’s getting! I’ve struggled mightily with the rainy, cold “summers”, and even more so with the long, freezing winters where it’s dark by 4pm, sleet is a common occurrence, and you can see your breath practically crystalize in the air in front of you at any time of day.

Don’t get me wrong, London is a wonderful city and I have enjoyed living here for the past 6 years. I was completely enchanted for my first couple of years of residency. But in my heart, I have always known that Sydney is my home, and as more time passed and the novelty of living in a different city wore off, the more I yearned to be there. It became almost a physical ache, my desire to return to Australia was so overwhelming.

I would have left London a couple of years ago if it hadn’t been for my husband (then boyfriend). He’d only been in London a year at that stage and understandably wasn’t ready to leave yet. I agreed to stay, some what reluctantly, and put up with another few years of homesickness and ┬ádesperate yearning to be in the country of my birth.

In hindsight, it was fortuitous, as I turned my frustrations towards finding something for myself that would make being unable to return home more bearable. Which is how late one night when I couldn’t sleep, I decided to start my own cake business. And it worked. Doing something I love and am so passionate about made all the difference!

I am terrifically excited to be going home to my friends and family in Sydney (and the good weather!). I am also incredibly sad to be leaving all my wonderful friends here in London. I am also extremely nervous about starting Delicious Cake Design up again in Australia. There are a lot more rules and regulations surrounding small businesses in Australia and it is much harder to start one up there than here in the UK. Lots of legalities, licences, permits, registration, paperwork, inspections, the list goes on and on. I’ll have to hire a solicitor and an accountant for the first time as well. There’s also the task of finding suppliers for all my ingredients and equipment, and I’m worried about how easy it will be to get access to the wide variety of cake decorating equipment I can so easily find here in London. And how will my cakes behave in the Australian heat??? It’s never gotten hot enough here in London for me to find out! It’s all quite daunting. But ultimately, I know it will be worth it to be back in my beloved Sydney again!

I will continue to make cakes here in London until I leave (I have a wedding cake to deliver 2 days before we fly out!). So feel free to get your orders in for what’s left of June and July. I already have 5 cake orders (including a wedding cake) booked for August in Sydney. It’s all so very exciting. Fingers crossed that everything goes well!


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  1. masha Caputo says:

    Just wanted to let you know you are not the only one who feels homesick sometimes. I was born in NY and we moved here to Florence (my parents ere Italian) ,I married here,have 2 grown up girls and like yourself started to do something to earn money and fill up a gap. I used to give Italian/inter. culinary courses then I went into baking. In Italy bureauracy is horrid so I stayed with pastry: It would be a nightmare to do anything else.After 10 years we finally found the right spot to move the American bakery and we moved in Jan.2010 and its’ many years we (I and my daughter Saskia) do American wedding cakes. But in Italy they don’t have practically any tools or baking supplie : Very normal stuff. I should be coming to London in Aug. and was wondering if you could give me the address(s) of the wedding warehouse and other places where I can go. I’m coming by car so I can finally pick up a lot of stuff. I went to NY 2 years ago but I can’t make it this year: I need to program this trip and find places to sleep, depending on where I’ll be buying. If you could give me some info I’d greatly appreciate it. The wedding warehouses I get on the internet are for dresses. I want suagrepaste tools and bakery items. I wish you well on your new adventure. I’m sure that Australia cannot be worse than Italy. The red tape here is unbelievable. Just believe in yourself and be a tough cookie like me. Best of luck,
    Kind regards,
    Masha Caputo Innocenti

  2. Hi Masha,
    Thanks for your comments. It’s nice to hear an inspiring story from someone who’s done something similar.
    There aren’t many places I would buy sugarpaste tools from in London itself, most places I frequent are slightly outside of London. Try Surbiton Sugar Art in Surbiton, A Piece of Cake in Thame, or Squires Kitchen Shop in Farnham, Surrey. They all have websites with their addresses.
    Mostly I buy equipment online through Craft Company and Cake Craft World if you want to give them a try.
    Hope this is helpful!
    Charmayne of Delicious Cake Design

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