Ruffles, Baby Elephant, and Thomas!

Don’t worry, all the things in the title were not all on the same cake :).

Last week was literally my busiest week of cake making to date. I had five orders that had to go out the door and most of them were anything but simple! It was a gruelling week, every night I’d crawl into bed around 1:30am exhausted and aching, then I’d be back at it again early the next morning. Two orders were picked up on Friday, one was delivered on Saturday, and the remaining two went out on Sunday. On Sunday night I collapsed in bed at 8pm and slept for 13 hours!

But as tiring and hard as the week was, it was also very satisfying. I never thought I’d ever be this busy! And I was very happy with all the end products. Two of the orders were picked up before they could be photographed (a 3D car and a grey ombre cake with fondant bow tie on top) but here are the other three cakes I made this past week.

First up is a pink ombre ruffle cake. I’m getting a lot of enquiries for ombre cakes this year. This particular cake ended up taking a lot more time than I had anticipated. This was a double barrel cake so was 6 inches tall rather than the usual 4, therefore the ruffles took ages. It took around 4 hours to make the ruffles and apply them to the cake. The bunting I made from cardboard, paper straws and baby pink ribbons. Pretty and pink!

Pink ombre ruffle cake

Pink ombre ruffle cake

The cake itself was a sponge cake that consisted of 4 different coloured layers to mimic the ombre effect of the ruffles on the exterior of the cake. It’s always time consuming having to mix up several different colours of batter, especially when you only have 2 cake tins of the correct size so you can only make up 2 layers at a time. And sponge cake is tricky as you can easily overmix when adding in food colouring.

The inside of the cake was coloured to match the outside.

The inside of the cake was coloured to match the outside. Photo supplied by client.

Next is this cute baby shower cake, which I was very fond of as I designed it myself. I love the colour combination of chocolate brown with blue and I think it is a beautiful choice for a boy baby shower cake. I was given free reign on the design of this one which I love being able to do! I opted for chocolate brown and pale blue fondant buttons, fondant ribbon and bow, bunting made from butcher’s twine with fondant flags on wooden skewers, and a super cute hand crafted gumpaste baby elephant with pale blue accents.

Button and elephant pale blue and chocolate brown baby shower cake

Button and elephant pale blue and chocolate brown baby shower cake


The elephant was based on a tutorial I saw on – it’s not in English but the pictures are easy to follow.

The gumpaste elephant I made for the baby shower cake

The sweet gumpaste elephant I made for the baby shower cake

The last cake I want to share with you is one I’ve been wanting to make for the past 3 years – a 3D Thomas the Tank Engine cake! I was so pleased to finally get my chance. I tried using a book by Debbie Brown to make this one but I had trouble understanding her instructions so I ended up just doing my own thing. Carving it was surprisingly easy and ganaching it was surprisingly hard!

3D Thomas the Tank Engine carved out of cake ready for ganaching.

3D Thomas the Tank Engine being carved out of cake

There were a lot of details which were time consuming, but overall it’s easier than you might think (although maybe I just think that now that I’ve gotten a few carved vehicle cakes under my belt) and it was quite enjoyable to do. It was the last cake I finished of the five I had to make so I was pretty happy with how it turned out, especially considering how exhausted I was by then.

3D Thomas the Tank Engine cake

3D Thomas the Tank Engine cake

And in case you were wondering what the 3D Thomas the Tank Engine cake looks like when it’s cut up, here you go!

3D Thomas the Tank Engine cake cut up

3D Thomas the Tank Engine cake cut up

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  1. Liz Jacobs says:

    I just love the coloured layered cake. The ruffles on the outside are fabulous.
    A bit beyond my level of cake decorating but I hope someday!

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