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Overseas Shipping and Rude Cakes

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

I know it’s not Sunday today, but I thought I’d post to the Delicious Cake Design blog anyway as I have been a bit slack and haven’t written a post in ages. I’ve been very busy the last few weeks, and not just with cakes. It seems that lately everyone I know has been having a birthday, baby, farewell or engagement so it’s been a whirlwind of attending celebrations! In the next few months there will be a couple of weddings too, a few of which I will be making the cakes for, and a few I won’t as they are overseas. However I will be attending these weddings abroad purely as a guest, which will make a nice change. One of my cousins tells me that my next step in building a cake empire is to start shipping overseas, we’ll see!

The new website design has had a great reception. Thank you to everyone for the nice comments about the new design. People seem to like it and are impressed by the lightboxes on the cake gallery pages, so I’m happy. It’s great to know that all the hours of work I put into it are being appreciated :). I’ve even had quite a few more Delicious Cake Design Facebook fans since it went live.

Thank you also to a couple of clients who really challenged me recently by asking me to make an “adult” cake. Not the kind that is laced with gallons of alcohol, but the kind that requires modelling parts of the male anatomy out of sugar – quite a challenge let me tell you! Apparently this sort of thing is quite popular for hens parties, but it’s not something I’d ever done before. I’d had a few requests from friends to make an anatomically correct cake, but only as a joke. This one was for real – they wanted a part of the male anatomy on top of a normal round cake.

When it came to actually making the body part from flesh coloured sugar modelling paste, I realised I didn’t know as much about the male anatomy as I’d thought. I struggled for a bit trying to make something that looked correct but just couldn’t get it right. Using Google images to see what the part should really look like turned out to be a horrendously bad idea, and I couldn’t close the browser quick enough. In the end, I had to ask my other half to draw a realistic sketch – I assume he is more familiar with that body part than I am! I used the drawing to make the model and it worked out much better.

The cake was a great success at the party! However I don’t think I’ll be adding it to the Delicious Cake Design website anytime soon. The clients who ordered the cake did tell me that my next step in building a cake empire is to start an adult section. Again I say, we’ll see!