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The Panda on Drugs

Sunday, July 12th, 2009
Pandas made from fondant - the little one has HUGE eyeballs!

Pandas made from fondant - the little one has HUGE eyeballs!

It’s been a pretty good week, I made 2 cakes and got stuck into some animal modelling. The first cake was designed for a 21st with 2 tiers of cupcakes underneath it. The colour scheme was pale blue, white and silver with butterflies and flowers – very pretty, take a look here. This design would also be great for a wedding, click¬†here to see how I adapted it to be suitable by adding some elegant white pillars. The other cake was a wedding cake, 3 tiers covered in ivory with white flowers here and there and¬†claret coloured ribbons, bows and brooches at the base of each tier. It was a design I’ve been wanting to create for ages so I was really pleased I was finally able to do it. Click here for a picture.

I also practiced some animal modelling. I’ve been asked to make a panda cake for a farewell and I want to avoid the sitting down teddy bear mold as that feels a bit too childish for the occasion. So I’ve decided to make a “normal” cake with panda figures on the top.

I’ve never actually made a panda from modelling fondant before, but I have made teddy bears. So I decided to use that method and adapt it for a panda. I used some spare fondant I had lying around and practiced making pandas this weekend.

As you can see from the pic, they look pretty much like pandas but have a ways to go yet. The main problem is that the eyes look very goggly, and the little baby panda looks like he’s on drugs. One of his eyeballs is massively huge and the other is really wonky. I didn’t have any royal icing to hand so I just used fondant to try to make the eyeballs, which I now know was not the best idea. I’d love to get hold of an edible decorating pen in black ink so I could just colour in the eyeballs and avoid extra layering, which adds to the “goggle” effect, which we don’t want.

Unfortunately, I really didn’t knead the fondant enough for the first panda I made (the big “daddy” one), so you can see it has some cracks in it. The one that is constructed the best is probably the medium sized “mummy” panda, apart from the goggly eyes.

I’m slightly concerned that people will misunderstand the cake concept. The lady being farewelled is going to Japan to teach for a year. But she loves pandas, so the organisers asked for a panda cake. I’m hoping no one will think that I was too stupid to know that pandas are found in China and not Japan!

The cake is being delivered on Friday, so hopefully I’ll be able to blog about it next Sunday with some pics. Till then, have a great week everyone!